What is the best way to prepare for the U.S. Naval Academy?

View our Training section for Fitness Workouts to get you prepared!

What do the U.S. Naval Academy's colors represent?

Blue represents the ocean and seas; gold is the color of integrity and valor.

Do you have to receive a congressional nomination to attend prep school?

Acceptance to the NAPS is based on an application to USNA being recommended for prep school admission. You will need a nomination to submit your application to USNA, so yes.

Is there anyway I might be in the band at the academy or at least be a part of an ensemble?

Yes, there is a Drum and Bugle corps and there are also "club type groups".

Does the Naval Academy better my chances of joining the most elite force of America, the Navy SEALs?

The Academy will put you in a great position to become a SEAL Officer. If you would like to go straight to BUDS, then enlisting would be your best option. The difference would be that you would not be going in as an officer.

What if there are no local high school physical education (PE) teachers to administer the Physical Aptitude Exam (PAE)?

Use your best judgment in finding the nearest equivalent. Possibilities include a town sporting coach, an active duty military officer and an athletic director at a gymnasium.

When will I be notified if I was accepted or turned down to attend the Academy?

Usually you will hear from the Naval Academy no later than 15 April. Offers of appointment are made after 15 April.

Is there still a chance to get into the naval academy even if you have no contacts with a Blue and Gold Officer?

If you are still early in the process, there should be enough time for you to contact your Blue and Gold Officer.

What is the 1st step for applying to the U.S. Naval Academy?

Fill out a Precandidate Questionnaire. Once the Precandidate Questionnaire is evaluated by the Naval Academy, you will be notified if you have been designated as an official candidate.

Does one have to be selected to go Marine option at the Naval Academy, or is it the cadet's choice?

You are ultimately selected based upon a preference list you submit your junior year. If you are interested in going Marines, there are certain training events you can take part in during the summer to set yourself up for that option.


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